Apostle Pat- was born in Hope Mills, NC, A Native American Lakota from Rosebud, SD.  Then Moving to Mission South Dakota were He was adopted into the Lakota Tribe in 2009 by his  Mother his father The Steeds as their son and to carry on the family name. He was given the name  Ma'za Wichashaby the Lakota. Pat was adopted as a  Lakota,  a part of their family. As one of their own.

 Apostle Lori- is a full-blooded enrolled tribal member of the Coharie Nation. Her tribe name is Hesta Hohonaa Nvya given to her by her Aunt.

Together they make up ONE HEART Ministry For First Nation People. Together they started Ministry Bible School, after many years of studying and mission trips to many Native American and Nation,  non-Native American places, we finished with a Ph.D. in ministry.   

 With a passion to see healing come to our people and this world, To see salvation and the kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven.

The birth of this Ministry was in 1999 when we first launched out. Together they both are Apostolic Ministers.

 It wasn't till 2010 when we became a full 501 (c) 3 ministry in the State of Minnesota

The Lord birthed this ministry with His hand and work. We are built on His foundation and HIS WORD OF LIFE, HOPE, HEALING, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, REDEMPTION, RECONCILIATION AND DELIVERANCE. Ezek 34;16 and Matt 28;18-19.

 We are affiliated with 2-River Native American Training Center. Together they served in Special (S.W.A.T) FORCES FOR OUR NATIVE AMERICAN AND NON- Native people across the world, Bringing Kingdom changes to our Natives and Nation..... For more info. check out website  www.2-rivers.com. Have any question call us. 

 We are also affiliated with Cliffdale Christian center- Fayetteville, NC 

We are under Glory of Zion International in Corinth, Tx- Chuck Pierce. As our Apostolic leader and Spiritual leader- Website www.gloryofzion.org.

 Appreciation Award from 731 St Maintenance Company for the support during OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE  04, Dec. 2004.And Many more

Commission Apostle from Hapn- Negail Bigpond

 Commission Apostle from Glory OfZion Corith Tx

House of Kingdom Ministry of Zion.

House of Zion International

Embassy Of Zion 

All Tribes D.C - 

Brave Force ----Land Warriors.

Redeeming Love Church.

Prayer Watch International       

 nation -Flagstaff, Az 

Heartland Apostle Prayers Network-Tulsa, Okla

      County Leaders for Graham CO NC and beyond

Pat-- Ma'za Wichasha

 Lori-- Hesta Hohonna Nvja