​                       ​​​OUR GOALS


  1. It is our heart's desire to see all tribes and receive salvation  through the blood of Jesus Christ by accepting him as their Lord and Savior.
  2. Spread God's word globally.
  3. Preaching God's word to the lost and misguided.
  4. Teaching God's word through Biblicaln Doument 
  5. Bring disciple to maturity through discipleship.
  6.  A deeper understand of Land Protocol 
  7. operate in  the Apostolic movement to our Native Americans and the Nations.
  8.  Bring a deeper understanding of First Fruits and What Shabbot is and How importance it is you us ALL to enter into His Rest, and MUCH MORE.
  9. Bring a deeper and Closer Understand on the Power of Pray in you personal life, home, and place of worshipping.
  10. ​Bring UNITY to all for the Great calling on each of our life.

                        OUR MISSION

TO Petition the Holy Spirit to empower and educate GOD"S people to overcome the force  the forces of darkness by restoring HOPE and HONOR through GOD"S strength, word, forgiveness, Salvation Healing and Sign and wonder, reconciliation by glorifying GOD and bring HIS kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven Ezekiel 34:16 “I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed. . and MATT 28:18 :19




To reach ALL Native Americans and expand the Kingdom to ALL the world globally. Ezek.34:16 and 

Matt. 28: 18-19.

Our Lakota Nation in South Dakota.Afterward a Great time in Prayers School.

 Great Job everyone.