Those amazing women and Men of God, was different but are the same. I thank God for there teaching,love and their Integrity. 

Forevere Honor .

Their have being Many in our Ministry and Live that have had a great impact in us.

We want to Say HONOR to them.

We could not make it this far with off them all.


Let me introduce you to Betty Coleman a honorary board member. She was very faithful to our ministry both financially and her wisdom was always welcome. She will always be missed and of course loved. She was also our spiritual mother always giving her heart and soul ministering to us and others. She was the founder of The Regeneration Center​​ - Located in Alexandria, Minnesota a place where alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes could get sound bibical training and healing. She will be missed by all who knew her and had the opportunity to be taught by her. Born- June2, 1932 and went home to be with Jesus December 2, 2012

 Theresa White Horse- Steed

when home to be with the Lord on  April 23-2011

Thereasa was a great Rosebud Lakota women of faith and love for her people as well as her God.

Theresa's heart was to see people of all races  come together and love one another.

She loved people so much her and Her husband (Bob) fostered 600 hunderd children in her day. , ALSO as Aported manys as their own.

This is were Pat came in the picture. Moma Theresa adopted Pat in the Lakota way. Pat cherrished this happening in his life it was a great honor for him.


        Curley Lee Jones 

 Born July 19 1915- June 1992.

Curley, also know as Jack to the local people. Born in Sampson County. A Coharie Native American.

Back in those days, Things was different, people worked together and money was sometimes not as much as today.Working in the cotton or tacobcco fields for as little as 50 cents a week.

Curley wanted better for this family, so he ran away at 15 to join the sevice. Were he served as a  General in The United States Marines. General Jones was  highly decorated  for his acts of service..After His time , He became a self taught carperter and a Apostle 

Marriage and had two great childern . and 5 grand children and 3 great Grand childern .

  my sister Pettie who is now gone home to be with the Lord and well yes, He is our Daddy. 

 I looked up to my daddy, He taught me great thinks as well as His love for the Lord. How he instiled the Love of the Lord in me. With His gifting and with his talent he passed them to me. For the heart of Ministry to see all people come to know the Lord.

Curley's love for his family and His Native Peolpe.

I am proud to be called one of His dauaghter's and for the blessing of love for our Native People is one  the greatest gift my daddy gave me.

 He is now home with the Lord. We miss you terribly . I Honor you for all your sacrifices you did for our family, your country and for the Lord.