One Heart Minstry For First Nation People.

 Birth from a dream while in Minstry school in 1999 to Now. With 

 With Passion, Zeal, Believing God for the Love,Healing  Miracles come to our Native American and to the world.

for Righteousness, for light to pirce darkness.

Were the Words of God is Taught. Were our People CAN grather and worshipping the Lord of Lord in Totally freedom. Were sign and Mircles will happen.

With Jesus our Lord we can not do any thing. It IS HIS HOLY SPIRIT POWER that dose all , we are just his tool he use to bring Ligth in the darkeness and bring healing to our Native Americans and our Nations and our Land.

 This is  a  Place were Eagle  will leaned to fly and Gather thier eaglet .

A Place were Eagle will Eagle.

     All are welcome to come .Together We will risen up a Arming for God Kindgom........