Dear Lori and Pat Grant: Thank you for everything you both have done for me  and how you've always made me feel so welcome. Thank you for all you've sacrificed to help me... to help Darrell. Thank you for being so faithful to the Lord and being so inspirational! I just love Lori's laugh and how she lights up the room  with her joy. It's contagious! Thank you Pat for everything. Pat thank you  for the Father Daughter you danced with me. It humbles  me that  you both would take me under your wings. I am so thankful the LORD has blessed me with such War fighters that pray for me faithfully. Thank you for all your prayers and how I could  feel your genuine love for me through Christ Jesus. thank you for the wonderful trip we had  together and all the memories! I remember I actually pulled over into the same city we stayed in . I called Lori and had an awesome phone call with her. Thank you Lori. What  a blessing and refreshing wind of the  Holy Spirit that was I do not take it for granted and am eternally grateful to get to call such Mighty Warriors as you are my friends. Heavenly Father, I thank you the Blood Of Yeshua please cover Pat and Lori and that they are blessed in all that they do. Lord  I thank You for financial Abundance coming to them as this year wealth is coming  to their church. Lord I thank You that You bless their marriage and ministry with peace, joy magnified in You Lord. Love Your Spiritual Daughter RB

Dear Pat and Lori Grant:

Thank you for opening your hearts and your home to me. Thank you also for the love, stories, prayers, help with my key situation you shared with me this weekend. The story of this home and how you both were able to turn it into a place full of love and peace and the presence of the  Holy Spirit's is awesome. Thank you for feeding me physically as well as spiritually. I look forward to our next engagement and the  knowledge you will impart to me. I leaned on faith on this trip emotionally and spiritually, and then hearing the stories of your and Lori's yielding will to God's commands was just what I needed right now in my life. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of my spirit. Love You both, Your newly adopted daughter Kortney

Dear Pat and Lori,

     Thank you is very much for your book-I so enjoyed reading it. Very intereting and very inspiring!

     Thank you!, too. for all of your wonderful ministry.

Keep up the good works. God has truly anointed you for great and awesome doings. 

     I  pray for you and all your good workers. 

​   Thank you for being so faithful and staying strong in the Lord. Thank again for the book-am so glad you wrote it.


                        Arlene Johnson.